50 Beautiful Romantic Bathroom Decorations

Beautiful Romantic Bathroom Decorations 46

The bathroom becomes one of the important places in the house. Although its main function is to cleanse the body after activity, the bathroom can also be a place to spend a romantic relaxing time. Staying at the bathroom for a while is a good idea, moreover in a romantic way. Here’s how to decorate a bathroom with romantic bathroom decorations. How to Decorate Romantic Bathroom Decorations.

Jacuzzi. It was incomplete if the bathroom did not have a jacuzzi. Aside from being a place to cleanse your body, the jacuzzi is a place to spend longer time in the bathroom. Choose a jacuzzi that has a large size and unique shape. Before use it, fill the jacuzzi with water then sprinkle with flowers to display a romantic impression.

Aromatherapy candles. Besides relaxing, aromatherapy will help you reduce stress and make you easier to rest. The fragrance that should be used in the bathroom is lavender, rose or cinnamon. Aromatherapy will make the atmosphere of the bathroom more romantic therefore you can spend your quality tine well. Lanterns, change ordinary lighting in the bathroom using lanterns. The lanterns used can look like a jar or cages. Place lanterns in various corners of the bathroom and turn off the main lights. Lanterns will provide dim lighting so the atmosphere is warmer than ordinary lighting.

Flower vase. Aside from being romantic, the flower vase in the bathroom is a special attraction. The impression is sweet and more alive. Use flower vases with living flowers, not the artificial ones. If you are not allergic, use flowers that have a particular fragrance according to your taste. Coffee table, not only in the living room, coffee table can also be presented in the bathroom. The function of the coffee table is to put glasses, drink bottles, or reading books that you enjoy while bathing. One of these romantic bathroom decorations can’t be missed. Sipping drinks while chatting will be a sensation in spending time in the bathroom.

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