50 Amazing White Kitchen Design Ideas Which Will Make You Like Cooking

Amazing White Kitchen Design Ideas Which Will Make You Like Cooking 15

White kitchen design sure is a timeless design. It’s a classic. They are clean, bright, and best of all, there is no need to spend your energy on color decisions. However, a white kitchen can be boring too if the design does not work. Want to know how to make it works? Here’s how. Make Your White Kitchen Design Works with These.

The Right Complementary Finishes. That’s right, a complementary finish which blends perfectly with the surrounding spaces will make the design work. Let’s say the nearby room is decorated with marble tile. Use its look for the kitchen countertops. If you do this, the design will ‘flow’ as it creates a cohesive look between the kitchen and nearby room.

Texture. Since white kitchen design is dominated with white, you will need to add texture to avoid a bland look. For example, you can add a rustic wood table, a rug with animal-print, glass accessories, and so on. The idea is to add items that show character and add depth to the kitchen. Eye-catching Island. Island is an essential part of a kitchen. This is especially true if your kitchen is mostly white. In a mostly white kitchen, you will need a focal point. Since the island will be a focal point, you need an island with interesting color that draws attention to it. Colors like dark blue, brown or gray is a good option.

Dark-colored floor. To make the design work, you will need to create contrast. You can apply darker colors to the floor to achieve this. You can use dark wood flooring, tile, laminate, or luxury vinyl, depending on your taste. A dark-colored floor will tone down the white and make the design feel more put together.Color Graduations. Again, the problem with the white kitchen is blandness. You can avoid it by using color gradations. Use white color variations, such as gray or cream, and pair it with light colors. You can also add a bit black to create dimension. Color graduations will make the kitchen brighter and more attractive.

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