50 Beautiful Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Beautiful Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas 37

Do you have a small backyard? Many people do. Having a small backyard is not an excuse not to design it, though. On the contrary, a small backyard can look great with proper small backyard landscaping. You can have an appealing backyard with enough space for your family to enjoy. Here’s how you can do it. Things to Do for Small Backyard Landscaping.

Planning the Space. First and foremost is to plan the space first. A small backyard will feel bigger only if you organize it properly. So, start with planning the space. Divide the available spaces and assign each with a clear purpose. Designate a dining area using a stone patio or separate the playground with plantings, for instance.

Creating a Destination. Next, you need to create a destination. Turning a limited space into a destination will make it feels bigger. Yes, it also applies to a small backyard. For a backyard, add a reading nook, a fire pit, a properly arranged grill, or a patio set to it to turn it into a destination.

Vertical Gardening. Gardening is usually done horizontally. What if you don’t have a large space? Don’t worry. You can still do it vertically. Vertical gardening will make your backyard greener, more appealing and best of all, it doesn’t take much space of the backyard while making it appear bigger. You can use stacked crates, hanging baskets or wall-mounted pots for this.

Selecting the Plants. What kind of plants should you cultivate? The best plants to cultivate are indigenous ones, especially ones that are thin and tall. The reason is that indigenous plants will grow year-round in your backyard. Barren plants will make your backyard appear smaller so you want to keep your plants fresh all year-round.

Texturing. Last but not least in our small backyard landscaping is to texturize. The texture makes your backyard look interesting. What is great about it is that you can texturize even if you have a limited space. All you need to add layers of garden features. For example, you can add ornamental grasses, delicate cosmos, or Canna lilies as layers.

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