50 Amazing Winter Home Decoration Ideas

Welcoming winter is always different from other seasons. Snowfall and temperature make anyone have to prepare themselves, including decorating the house. In order to keep the home feel comfortable and warm, many winter home decoration ideas that you can apply. Here are how to apply the ideas Winter Home Decoration Ideas.

Snowflake Chandelier. Change the chandelier in your room by using a snowflake chandelier. You can use this one decoration for the living room or family room. Its snowflake-like shape will impress winter, but it still feels warm because of the beam of light. To stay energy efficient, use a white LED light.

Carpet. The floor of the room in winter will also make the temperature colder. You need to add a carpet in the room that is usually used to relax or rest like a bedroom and family room. Choose a carpet that is furry or made of wool because it can warm the feet. It would be better if the floor of a certain room is covered by carpet. Blanket for sofa, winter tends to make people lazy to move and spend the days under the blanket. If you don’t want to stay in the bedroom, you should put a blanket on the sofa. Besides as decoration, blankets can also be used when you are in the family room while watching TV. You can also put a blanket on your work chair.

Displayed cups, do not leave the coffee table or top of your cabinet empty without any decorations. Just put a few cups in white or silver as decorations. Use a holder if you have one. Cups with winter-themed image designs such as snowflake or snowman will be better. Candle, adding candles as winter home decorations ideas is a good idea. Besides giving a warm feel, the candle is also an elegant decoration. Place candles in glasses and place them on a coffee table or on cabinet. It would be better if the candle is also the aromatherapy so that the atmosphere of the room is more relaxed.

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