50 Applying Wooden Planks Correctly To Make Rustic Winter Home Decoration

Applying Wooden Planks Correctly To Make Rustic Winter Home Decoration 43

The rustic winter home decoration is not something hard to make. Even though there are some stores that have it, it is better for you to make one. Besides that, you can easily make this kind of decoration using the used wooden planks that you have at home. You can follow these simple steps below to make one.

Prepare the Wooden Planks. For the start, you have to prepare the wooden planks as the main material for the decor. You need to cut the wooden planks into the size that you want. In this case, the average length of 10 to 15 inches is enough. Make sure you have at least three to five wooden planks for this kind of purpose.

Prepare the Snowflake Stencil. The next step is preparing the snowflake stencil. The stencil is something that you can download on the internet. Therefore, you will not find any problem with this second step. After you download it, print it to be your rustic winter home decoration. You can choose to cut the stencils in or out and place it on top of the used wooden planks.

Paint It. This is the last step that you need to do. After you arrange the wooden planks that you have cut, you need to put the stencils on top of it and paint it. One color is more than enough to do this kind of trick. Wait some minutes and the paint will dry on its own. After some minutes, you can take that prints out and you already have the rustic home décor in winter style. You can place this kind of décor anywhere that you want.

Those steps above are easy to follow. You will not find any problem following all of those steps above. Besides that, the materials for making the rustic winter home decoration are easy to get. Yet, the result is still something amazing that you will love to have. Good luck in making that rustic home décor with winter theme.

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