50 Popular Modern Coffee Table Ideas for Living Room

Popular Modern Coffee Table Ideas For Living Room 24

Coffee table is one of the furniture collections that can affect the appearance of your living room. Generally, the coffee table is only a short square, parallel to the height of the sofa. Nowadays, coffee tables have their own designs so you can add certain decorations to make them look more attractive. Here are the modern coffee table ideas and how to adjust the appearance Modern Coffee Table Ideas.

Vases for small round tables. A coffee table which has round shape usually appears with some legs as its buffer. This Scandinavian-style model comes with a simple and functional impression. At the bottom, there is a basin-shaped space that can be used to store objects such as newspapers or magazines. In order to look more beautiful, place a small flower vase whose color contrasts with the table.

Natural decorations for wooden tables. If you have a rectangular wooden table, do not leave the top blank. Add some natural decorations to make it look more attractive. You can put a transparent glass or bowl filled with white small stones, wooden antique bowls, ashtray with wooden shades, and some books as additional accessories.

Lanterns for rattan tables. Nowadays rattan tables are widely used as coffee tables in the living room. Because it looks natural, a rattan table should be added to a lantern. This lantern can be a large jar which there is a candle glass in it. At night, turn on the lanterns with dim lighting room conditions. The atmosphere of the living room will be more warm and relaxed.

Coastal shades under a glass table. Another modern coffee table ideas is glass table. Coffee tables made of glass usually look simple. However, you can make it more attractive by choosing a table where the inside space can be filled with certain decorations. If you don’t like decorating the on it, then you can put elements on the coast inside the glass such as sand, small rocks, or shells.

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