50 Amazing Remodeling Farmhouse Kitchen Decorations

Amazing Remodeling Farmhouse Kitchen Decorations 47

Because the concept is “back to nature”, nowadays the farmhouse concept is not only used for homes in the countryside. Many houses apply the farmhouse concept, especially in the kitchen. Some of farmhouse kitchen decorations are put to make the atmosphere calmer, simple, yet modern at the same time. Here are things to put at your farmhouse kitchen, Remodel Farmhouse Kitchen Decorations.

Color. The farmhouse kitchen is identical to natural accent colors such as wood, silver or white. The combination of the three will be better so that the kitchen does not seem monotonous. On the walls, use colors with wood accents. While the kitchen tool, use silver or made from stainless steel. Use white for a counter or dining table.

Wine glass holder shelf. Even though you don’t like wine, decorating hung wine glass holder is one of the characteristics of the farmhouse kitchen. Wine glass holder can be placed on the wall or hung under the cupboard that sticks to the kitchen wall. You can start collecting a variety of unique wine glasses, besides functioning as another way of kitchen storage.

Antique furniture. Decorations which shouldn’t be missed are antique furniture made of wood. Although they aren’t used, this furniture functions only as decoration. Some of them are spatulas, mills, scales, cutting boards, and porcelain milk jugs. Put them all in one big basket, then place it in the corner of the kitchen to show a vintage impression.

Clock. You can put a vintage clock in the kitchen. Usually, the clock has a display of Roman numerals with a design that looks rusty. In general, this vintage clock is circular with 3 long needles. Besides being able to be put on the wall, the clock can be hung using a holder. Another farmhouse kitchen decorations is a crate drawer. The shape is like a box of flat wood bars to accommodate the harvest. Crate is used as a drawer for storing long-lasting food ingredients such as onions and potatoes. You can also store small furniture such as spoons, glasses, or plates in it.

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