50 Stunning Romantic Living Room Decor

Stunning Romantic Living Room Decor 35

If you think that the romantic impression of the room at home is only suitable for the bedroom, you are wrong. You can change another room into that romantic feeling such as the living room. Changing romantic living room decor is not as difficult as you think. Everyone has their own taste, but romance is identical with soft, elegant and comfortable. Here’s how to turn your living room into a romantic one, Managing Romantic Living Room Decor.

Pattern, the most important thing in decorating the living room to look romantic is the pattern. Room patterns are usually applied to walls, floors or ceilings. Some choices you can use as pattern are floral and botanical. These two patterns can bring a relaxed and intimate feeling. However, you still have to pay attention to the colors used in the pattern.

Fabrics, romantic nuances not only present in visual form, but also touch. So, make sure that the fabrics used are soft and luxurious. The mistake that people often make is the use of materials such as cotton or velvet instead of silk. You can apply the use of this fabric for curtains to make it look attractive.

Color, the romantic concept in the living room is also influenced by the colors that dominate the room. Suggested colors are usually neutral or pastel accents such as blue, purple violet, pink, or black to gray patterns. These colors can be applied to the pattern of walls, ceiling and floor. As for the furniture, use the neutral shades such as wood, beige or gold.

Lighting, lighting is the most important key to presenting a romantic atmosphere in the living room. Avoid using the light that is too bright like white LED lights. Use dim lighting that will make the living room feel more warm and cozy. You can choose a chandelier or a sitting lamp with a yellow light. Furniture, furniture does not only as a display or storage. The selection of improper furniture will only make the atmosphere different. Choose romantic living room decor such as stand lamp, cozy sofa, silky curtain and some paintings. However, don’t put too much stuff because the room will be overcrowded.

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