50 Amazing Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Amazing Modern Living Room Design Ideas 26

Nowadays, modern home designs are most searched because they prioritize simple, functional and minimalist elements. Moreover, the living room is often used as the main room when someone else comes to the house. The impression displayed by the living room usually represents the whole house. Because it is quite important, here are modern living room design ideas. Modern Living Room Design Ideas.

Wall paint. The natural color of the living room will make the living room feel spacious and relaxed. So, choose neutral and natural colors like white, gray, or wood color. If you want additional patterns, then choose pastel colors like blue, pink or green accents. Avoid striking colors for wall paint.

Coffee table. Coffee table is very important furniture to be placed in the living room. Coffee tables should be in the same color as the dominance of the room. Also, choose the size that fits the area of ​​the living room, the smaller the room, the smaller the size. You can choose a coffee table that has a storage drawer at the bottom so that the table has functional elements. Sofa, rather than an ordinary chair, the sofa will make anyone who comes to your home feel comfortable. Use a soft and comfortable sofa. Add cushions that have striking colors. The color of the sofa should be the darkest color among all the items in the living room. Besides to not looking dirty easily, a dark colored sofa will feature a minimalist modern side.

Wall decoration. Modern wall hangings these days have shabby chic themes. It’s rare to put a lot of photo frames or paintings as wall decorations. Shabby chic is now easily found in various online and offline stores with a large variety of images and varied prices. Besides being modern, this wall decoration indicates that the homeowner is a creative and warm person. Light, the lights on the inside of the ceiling will look very old. One of modern living room design ideas is to use a chandelier. If you want a simple look, then use Scandinavian-style lights. Place the lamp hanging above the coffee table.

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