50 Stunning Modern Kitchen Design

Stunning Modern Kitchen Design 41

Many homes nowadays are built using modern minimalist concepts, the kitchen part is also inseparable from the same concept. Almost all the furniture in the kitchen prioritizes the functional side. Modern kitchen design is sought after from various types of furniture to their position so that the kitchen is comfortable to be used. How to Apply Modern Kitchen Design.

Top cabinet. To maximize space, the kitchen should have a cabinet at the top. The cabinet functions as a storage area. You can put various kinds of food items in the cabinet which are dry and should not be exposed to direct light such as sauce, instant noodles, sugar, salt and other kitchen ingredients. The size of cabinet can be widened and it consists of two shelves to maximize storage.

Drawer counter. The counter is a kitchen table which functions as a cooking place. Some counter shapes vary, some are like ordinary tables, L shape, or U shape. Choose a counter design that has a drawer at the bottom. The drawers can be used as a place to store food and cooking furniture such as spoons, knives, plates, cups, pans, spatulas and others. Sink or dishwasher, many modern kitchens have used dishwahser tools to wash dishes because it is easy and saves time. But the sink is still needed for the kitchen. In addition to being able to be used for washing dishes, the sink serves as a place to wash food, wash hands before and after cooking. Usually, the location of the sink is close to the stove.

Stove. Some modern kitchen design suggest using an electric stove. Apart from being safer, electric stoves also don’t make the kitchen dirty. The location of the stove is usually under the top cabinet, close to the sink. For those who like to cook, choose an electric stove set with more than one stove. Dining table, the dining table is an integral part of a minimalist kitchen. The shape of the table usually merges with the counter in the form of a U shape. The size is not large with the number of dining chairs less than 4 pieces. To make it look modern, add a chandelier above the dining table.

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