50 Sweet Romantic Dining Room Decor

Sweet Romantic Dining Room Decor 40

The dining room is often used to tell stories while enjoying meals. The right decoration will make the atmosphere when eating together more intimate and comfortable. One concept of structuring a dining room which popular nowadays is romantic dining room decor. Here are some ways to make the dining room look romantic. Choosing Romantic Dining Room Decor.

Candle. Romantic atmosphere when eating will not be complete without a candle in the middle of the table. With a dimly light dining room, candles will change the atmosphere to be more intimate and comfortable. Place a holder in the middle of the table. The holder usually has three stems and has classic style. Choose a candle that does not easily melt fast.

Chandelier. Chandelier will make the room feel warmer. The chandelier is placed right above the dining table. You can choose classic-style lamps with lots of accents or simple Scandinavian style. Besides the chandelier, the other option is a standing lamp and placed in the corner of the room. Wall decoration, don’t let the dining room wall look empty without any decorations. Choose wall decorations with varied sizes, but not too many. Choose colors which make the atmosphere warm like baby pink, pastel blue or gray. Wall decoration in the dining room can be about food, fruit, or wisdom words.

Cutlery. Cutlery will affect the atmosphere when eating, although the function isn’t as decoration. Avoid using cutlery such as plates or bowls with striking colors. If it’s not white, use a cutlery with a classic picture decoration. Adjust the glass used when drinking, especially the glass of wine to toast. Aromatherapy candles, it feels incomplete if the dining room does not give a relaxed feel through room deodorizer. A safe solution is to place aromatherapy candles on a cabinet or have a separate holder on the dining room wall. Choose candles with lavender fragrance as romantic dining room decor so that the atmosphere more relaxed, happy and romantic.

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