50 The Best Vintage Home Decoration Ideas

The Best Vintage Home Decoration Ideas 07

Although homes with modern designs are in great demand, vintage home decorations still do not lose interests. We are invited into the old and classic atmosphere, with a mixture of contemporary styles. If you want to apply a vintage style, here are tricks on how to decorate a variety of vintage concept rooms. Placing Vintage Home Decorations.

Neutral color dominance. Houses with a vintage style generally use the color dominated by white, light green or wood shade colors. White is the most common color, because classic homes usually use this color. If you want to have a colored house, use neutral colors like green or wood. These two colors make the house visibly calm, relaxed and natural.

Glass cabinet. This one furniture cannot be missed. Some furniture vendors deliberately sell glass cabinets that look classic where the paint looks peeled. The main skeleton is made of wood, but the main running material is made of glass. Usually the size of the cupboard is up to two meters high and is used to put classic objects inside. Chandelier, decoration which is identical with vintage nuances is a chandelier. Do not use a large number of pendant lights and made of glass. Use a lamp that looks like a cage. Place these lights and spread in several corners of the ceiling. Use yellow lights so that the impression of the room warmer.

Photo frame. Photo frames generally become home decorations as wall hangings or placed on top of a cabinet. Frames that seem minimalist are usually only in the form of a rectangle without any decoration, different from the vintage frame on each side. Choose a classic frame with colors like wood, gold or silver. Coffee table, coffee tables are common objects in every home and are placed in the living room. If you want a vintage coffee table, place classic items on it as decorations. Vintage home decorations for coffee tables such as porcelain cups, small flower vases, and candles in glass will beautify your coffee table.

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