42 Front Porch Valentines Day Decor with LOVE Word

Front Porch Valentines Day Decor With LOVE Word 38

There are a lot of ideas that you can try for the front porch valentines day decor. If you ever need a simple but attractive one, you can try the LOVE word. This one is something quite simple and easy to make. Yet, this kind of welcoming letter in front of your door will be attractive and lovable for your valentine day. If you want to make one, you can follow these simple steps below.

For the start, you will need a wood plank for this kind of project. The thickness is something of your preference, but something less than an inch is perfect. After you have the wood plank for the base, you need the LOVE letters. You have to choose the proper size based on the width of the wood plank that you had. Make sure the size for the front porch valentines day decor is about an inch less than the width of the wood plank. When all those things are ready, you are ready for the painting.

For the painting process, it is better you paint the plank and the letters separately. This one is due to the fact that painting the letter separately will give you the better painting result. That is why you need to paint the wood plank with soft color such as white or soft cream. These color options are the best. After painting the planks, you have to paint the letters with red. Make sure you choose red. Or else, you will not get the valentine impression from this welcoming valentine sign.

Once everything is done, you just need to glue the LOVE letters on the plank and it is ready to hang. If you do not have the proper glue for the wooden material, you can always nail those words on the plank. However, cover the nails with extra red color. This will make the better-looking front porch valentines day decor. You are ready to welcome your valentine guests.

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