46 Valentines Day Home Decor with White Color Scheme

Valentines Day Home Decor With White Color Scheme 42

Many people think that the valentines day home decor should be something in red or pink. Of course, valentine is usually dealing with red and pink. Yet, you can also try something a bit different for this valentine. You can try to consider using white as the main color scheme in your house. This one is considerably quite nice.

If you manage the white color as the primary, you can be sure that your valentine home decor will be amazing. For the start, you can paint your wall with white color. The purpose is to highlight the primary color that you want to use for the valentine day. After you do that, you can continue with the extra decorations inside of the house. For this case, there are a lot of options that you can try.

For example, you can cut some heart-shaped papers for the valentines day home decor. Cut those papers in some different sizes and glue those heart-shaped papers on the wall. Make sure you use red colored paper that will make the contrast color scheme on the wall. Another great idea that you can try is the LOVE words using used pallet. Finding a used pallet is not that hard. The price is not that expensive after all. After you get one, make the LOVE letters using an extra pallet.

Do not forget to nail those letters on the used pallet that you have. The last thing that you need to do is painting that pallet and the LOVE word. You have to paint the base pallet in white to blend it properly with the wall. For the LOVE word, red color will be the perfect color that you need. Or else, you can try adding some glitters on the red color for the LOVE word. That is because the glitter will give you the perfect red valentines day home decor for your house. You should try those ideas above.

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