50 Awesome Hanging Bathroom Storage for Small Spaces

Awesome Hanging Bathroom Storage For Small Spaces 44

There is a lot of bathroom storage for small space that you can try if you have small bathroom space. However, making the bathroom storage is not be easy. It is because some of those ideas are quite hard to make. Yet, you can try the hanging storage if you want. The concept is to create a hanging storage on the top of your toilet. This will not take a lot of spaces.

On the other hand, the storage can still accommodate enough things inside. If you want to make one, you can follow these steps below. For the start, you will need the wooden planks. The width should be no more than five inches. That is because if the storage is too big, it will make the bathroom looks crowd. That is why you need to choose the five inches width wood planks.

After you have the planks, you need to draw the design of the hanging bathroom storage for small space. You should not make something hard. You can have the storage with four to five rows for the storage. This one is simple and easy to make too. After you have the design and the material, it is the time for execution. You just need to cut those wood planks on the size that you want. After you finish it, you need to glue those planks together.

After you glued those planks, wait for few hours it is ready for nailing. The nailing is important to make it stronger. The last but not least, you need to paint the storage with your favorite color. After that, it is ready to use. You can hang this hanging bathroom storage for small space on the top of your toilet. Congratulations, you already have a storage for your limited bathroom space. For your consideration, the door for the storage is optional. That means you can opt for not having one.

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