50 Stunning Modern Mid Century Living Room Design

Stunning Modern Mid Century Living Room Design 50

Every trending design now is expecting cleanliness. Mid century modern living room design uses lines and geometrical shape to get this fulfillment. Of course, everything has to be functional as well. This doesn’t mean that this design hasn’t been around for long enough, it’s just this kind of design lasts so long up until now because of how simple and minimalist the design is.

This traditional modern style uses statement furniture that is made from wood or tweed. Aesthetic is very important in this design, and nature is one of the great ways to achieve it. Combining the urban decoration with elements that are natural, incorporating greens into the decor gives your lovely living room even more life.

The color theme of mid century modern living room idea is pumpkin orange, put together with avocado green, mustard color, and grey, blue, and brown are added to support the palette. In addition to these, there are modern patterns also included in the design. Usually, this is put as statement decorations that complete the whole look. The patterns that are used for the paintings are either abstract, geometric, atomic or retro. What makes these patterns go well into the room is because the play of colors and shapes in the painting. For example, neutral mid-modern color palette can also be used in this painting.

The characteristic is having some neutral colors and add pop of colors like orange and green. And there you go. That is how to design a mid century modern living room. Clean lines, geometrical shapes, neutral colors with bold accents that are saturated are working together to create a living room that you can just stay all day. The color doesn’t tire your eyes as well as boring your soul at the same time. It inspires you with its color combination that promotes minimalism.

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