50 The Best Mediterranean Swimming Pool Design

The Best Mediterranean Swimming Pool Design 47

Having a quick swim after a long tiring day sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Whether you are swimming under the hot sun or enjoying the lights supporting the beautiful night view, the design of the pool will surely make your swimming experience superb. Mediterranean swimming pool design is the one you can enjoy the most. Usually, it complements the beautiful house with great architecture.

The luxurious design of Mediterranean swimming pool is simply stunning. Combining the outdoor pool with the house, they feel expensive because of the usage of open space that is incorporated with tall walls as well as large windows. Everything is painted in warm colors that resemble the sea and the sky. So, the design is mostly filled with blue and white or cream color.

The floors of swimming pool as well as the rest of the house are usually covered with colorful tiles, but with colors that found in nature such as blue and orange. Usually, there will be textures here and there such as rustic wood. Stones are often used in this design as well to complete the landscape look the Mediterranean is looking for. No high walls are welcomed so the views are still there for you to enjoy.

In addition to those, they are surrounded by native elements such as trees, grass and colorful flowers. The tropical vibe is surrounding the entire Mediterranean village swimming pool. It feels like you have the whole world of nature in your own house at your own private space. Truly a design that defines what luxury is all about. Mediterranean style swimming pools are for you who likes an open space architecture filled with nature yet feels modern. Luxury is the best way to explain this design, as it offers you the style that is colorful, beautiful. It doesn’t only look expensive, but also feels expensive while you swim around.

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