50 Front Yard Fence Ideas That You Need to Try

Front Yard Fence Ideas That You Need To Try 31

Front yard fence is something that many people use as a form of protection. Yet, others are using the fence to decorate their front yards. If you are the second type, you need to know these front yard fence ideas. These ideas are nice for you to try. This way, you can have a nice fence for both protection and decoration. Here are some of those ideas.

The first one is the wooden fence in slatted style. This one is quite common actually. However, with the proper coloring and metal addition as the frame, this kind of wooden fence is perfect for your front yard. There is a rustic impression from this kind of front yard fence.

The second one is vertical timber. This idea focuses on the design as you are going to place some large timbers and line them all to be your front yard fence ideas. That means there will be some gaps between those timbers, so you are not focusing on the safety aspect. Yet, the idea is amazing for the aesthetic impression on your front yard.

The next one is etched metal. You can try this by simply choosing any kind of etched style metal for the fence. You might want to consider using this kind of fence for the door only, because you will need a lot of money for the whole etched metal fence for your front yard.

The last one is bamboo privacy. The basic is using the bamboos for the front yard fence. However, you need to keep the bamboos tight. The bamboos will be arranged as such to not leave any space for anyone to peek in, therefore it is called the bamboo privacy. From all these front yard fence ideas, is there anything that attracts your attention?

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