50 Nice Shabby Chic Living Room Décor You Need to Have

Nice Shabby Chic Living Room Decor You Need To Have 47

There is something attractive about imperfection that is done perfectly. This is why people love to get the shabby chic living room decor. If you love giving a new life to worn out things, this type of décor is perfect for you. Here are some decors that you can put into your living room.

Making use of pastel. You can go all out with this design by installing pastel colored wallpaper. This can be used as your primary decoration so other smaller changes would pop out even more. It is because the pastel color will highlight the shabby chic style in your living room.

Adding a touch of French. There is a relation between the French with shabby chic style. Putting them together to create a shabby chic living room décor is a popular idea. For start, you can put a French styled sofa to your living room. A large or oversized sofa is even better for this. Then, you can pair the French sofa with a rustic coffee table. These two styles are quite similar, so people love to combine these two for their shabby chic living room décor.

Weathered furniture. A weathered look is what makes this style shabby, so you can start with installing a weathered mirror. There are a lot of weathered styles that you can use for your living room here, so be sure to browse some ideas and look for the ones you like the most. Those things above are just some of the decorations that you can use. Besides those shabby chic living room decor, there are still some others that you can try, such as a thrift gallery wall, some patterned cushions, and a textured lampshade. You can be creative with this idea!

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