50 Popular Apartment Balcony Design for Small Spaces

Popular Apartment Balcony Design For Small Spaces 39

One thing that many people love to have is a nice apartment balcony design. Unfortunately, some of them are having problems dealing with a small balcony space. You might think that you need a large space for trying some balcony design, but this is not totally necessary. You can still have fun with your balcony design even though yours is quite small. All you need to do is to follow these things below.

Furniture for your apartment balcony. A small sofa as a centerpiece is the first idea you can try. Choose a sofa that will fit the width of your balcony, not leaving any spaces around the sofa. The second thing you can do is to choose easy-to-clean sofa material. The best option for this is average quality leather so it is easy for you to clean. This apartment balcony design is important if your balcony is exposed to direct sunlight and rain.

You can also put a small coffee table. A coffee table is an important part that you should not forget, but still consider the size. The table should be small, considering your balcony is not big. As long as the coffee table can fit three glasses and two medium plates, then it is enough.

The last thing you can do is to add some plants as simple decoration. You can either choose a real or artificial plant to put in your balcony. If you are into gardening, you can definitely use real plants. Yet, if you want something simple yet refreshing, artificial plant is a better choice for you. Remember not to put too many plants on the balcony though! Those are some of the tips that you have to highlight when designing your balcony. By knowing these, you can easily incorporate a good apartment balcony design even with a limited balcony space!

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