50 Small Laundry Room Design Ideas to Try

Small Laundry Room Design Ideas To Try 38

Not everyone is able to create a perfect small laundry room design ideas. That is because they tend to think that their laundry room space is quite small. That is why they immediately limit their options and imaginations. To make sure you are not doing the same mistake, you can try some of these ideas below. These are smart enough to apply for your laundry room. With these, you can make use of your limited space in your laundry room.

Storage is an important part in your laundry room. However, with a limited space, it is going to be hard to find the space to place the storage. You can install wall storage to get more space. There are some mounted wall storages that you can use for the small laundry room design ideas.

You can also try a hanging drying rack. You will not need this one if you can dry your clothes outside. Yet, if you have no other place to dry your clothes, this idea is something smart that you need to try. The concept is like hanging a ladder near the ceiling. The bars can be used to dry your clothes after the laundry.

Other thing that you can try is a folding station. This one is a bit similar with the mounted wall storage. However, the folding station doesn’t take a lot of spaces when you are not using it. You can fold it to make the laundry room looks bigger and more spacious. When you need it, you just need to unfold it. You can use the folding station to put anything when you are doing the laundry there. With all those smart small laundry room design ideas, you do not need to worry about the space in your laundry room anymore!

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