36 The Best Bathroom Shower Tub Ideas You Must Have

Depending on how many people live in your home it is highly likely that the smallest room in the house, the bathroom, is actually the busiest. This would definitely be true if, like me, you have 3 teenage daughters each of whom take an absolute age to get ready and vacate the bathroom.

When most people undertake a remodeling project in the bathroom one of the main fixtures that they decide needs attention is the actual shower tub. Often this fixture has been in place since the home was first built and after many years the shower tub can get worn and very tired looking. Here are a few tips on remodeling a bathroom shower tub that will add to the appearance of this much used room.

To start with you need to get a feel as to what styles are popular at the moment. This can be quite easily determined just by looking at some of the home improvement magazines out there. You can also elect to visit a number of your local home improvement stores where they often have displays of their wares. Another great way to get an idea as to what is ‘in fashion’ by way of bathroom renovations is to ask your friends what they have done in their remodeling project or even visit a builder’s display home.

It is likely that the shower tub will not only be the largest fixture in your bathroom but also the most expensive. If you intend on replacing it then it will require quite a deal of labor and will, more than likely, also involve extensive work to the adjoining walls. Most shower tubs have a small lip over which the walls are built and if the walls are tiled then removing them can be messy as well as expensive.

A cheaper and easier alternative is to renovate your bathroom shower tub by retaining the existing tub and installing a fiberglass insert. This will give the appearance of a brand fixture at a fraction of the cost and will also significantly reduce the work required on the tiled areas of the walls.

If you are currently embarrassed by the appearance of your bathroom and think you are going to have to undertake a massive renovation at enormous expense then think again. Believe it or not just a few simple and inexpensive changes can make an enormous difference. For example replacing the shower curtain or liner along with a fancy new curtain rod can instantly brighten the appearance of an otherwise dreary bathroom. Even a new rug and a fresh coat of paint in a modern color scheme is all that is needed to give the room an updated look.

If you read a lot of home decorating magazines they often offer tips on remodeling a bathroom shower tub that involve little more than installing new basins, taps, shower head, curtains and rods along with new matching towel rods and towels in your chosen contrasting colors. Take note of the little things such as the seal between the wall and the top of the bathtub which usually cracks as it ages – this can easily be replaced to give an ‘as new’ appearance. If you have some budget constraints you can actually source many of the materials you will need from your local discount store where they are usually less expensive than the upmarket home decorating stores.

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