30 Amazing Summer Tablescapes For Dining Room Decor

30 Amazing Summer Tablescapes For Dining Room Decor

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. After a long, cold winter cooped up in the house, we all get the chance to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the rebirth of nature. What better time to change our home’s d├ęcor to reflect the lighter feel of the season. The tablescape options for Summer entertaining are endless. Follow these basic principals to create an impressive tablescape for your next get-together.

The colors of Summer all fall within the pastel family. This is a reflection of what is happening in nature. Keep this in mind when planning your tablescape. If pastels are not really reflective of your personal style, choose one specific pastel, rather than a grouping of several light colors. By choosing a mixture of light greens or blues, rather than a more traditional lilac and pink palette, you can maintain your personal style, while still reflecting the season.

A great way to add color and dimension to your tablescape is by adding glass or crystal containers full of colored water. Choose containers of varying heights which could be vases, glasses, candleholders: anything that can hold water. Fill the containers with varied amounts of water dyed to the shades you have chosen for your tablescape, then add a floating candle. These containers can be grouped together for a lovely centerpiece, which will glimmer in the Summer sunshine, or you can place them around individually to fill in gaps on your table.

Because Summer is a season of new growth, be sure to add elements of this new growth to your tablescape. Fresh flowers are always a great addition and can be placed in the containers of colored water as well. If you would rather not spend the money for cut flowers, add a potted flower, or even just clip some greenery from your own yard. Anything that shows Summer growth will work, even something as simple as a few branches from a shrub or tree. Just make sure your natural components still reflect your color choices.

A tablecloth is a very important part of any tablescape and certainly must be employed for your Summer affair. A simple white tablecloth works perfectly for Summer. The crisp white is a great contrast to the darker colors of fall and winter and will accent any pastel palette perfectly.

When creating any tablescape, don’t forget the details. Napkin rings and place cards are two details that your guests will notice. For Summer napkin rings, try wrapping a large, long leaf around the napkin and pinning it with a wooden skewer. Or, you could take silk flowers and hot glue them to a stretchy hair band. Match your place cards to your chosen napkin rings. For instance, if you choose the silk flower design for the napkin rings, hot glue one simple flower to the bottom corner of your place cards as well. It is important that your theme run consistently throughout your design for your tablescape to have the best impact.

When creating your Summer tablescape be sure to keep things simple, and crisp. During fall and winter holidays, decorating tends to be more about lavish, heavy designs. Summer is more about simplicity with sharp lines and minimal decoration.

To create a notable Summer tablescape for your next party, just follow these simple tips: choose a simple pastel color palette, use uncomplicated, crisp lines in your design, don’t forget the details, and bring in the freshness of the renewed outdoors. By following these tips you are sure to create a tablescape that will have your guests welcoming Summer with open arms.

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