34 Fabulous Floral Theme Party Decor Ideas Best For Summertime

Fabulous Floral Theme Party Decor Ideas Best For Summertime 30

Is a birthday party or a weekend bash in the cards? Then consider a themed party that will be a fun way to go about it. The theme party centerpieces draw the attention of the guests and you can highlight the best home decor ideas this way.

From an elaborate flower arrangement to handmade candle accessories or floral lights can all be beautiful themes for the party. If you are planning an outdoor party, you can consider floral lights for lighting up the lily pond and the walkways. Available in an array of bewitching designs and patterns including bonsai and cherry blooms these would transform your garden into a vibrant palette of colors even during the fall!

Candle accessories and candle holders are probably the most important aspects to be considered while planning a themed party. From heavily decorated candle holders to simple designs, there is a range of wonderful options to go for. The battery operated lanterns and candle lights that recreate the flickering effect without the risk of getting burnt are convenient options especially for children’s parties as these are relatively safe and require only minimal supervision.

The wall candle holder also known as sconce is a great option to add a retro twist to the theme. You can also create dungeons and caves lit up with these candles to top off the theme. The lengthy arm of the candle holder will help you hold even big candle flames with getting burnt and these can also be fixed to the walls or even the branches of the trees to light up the party and to complete the theme.

Customized printed candle holders also make thoughtful gifts for the guests. Typically made of glass, you can etch messages or designs of your choice on these candle holders to make it personalized gifts. Candle holders have come a long way since their bland days of being mounts for candles and these days these are increasingly being used as party favors, garden decorations or even table centerpieces.

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