39 Amazing Floral Living Room Decor Ideas That You Will Love

A floral comforter can add a refreshing garden feel to your room. This style doesn’t have to look outdated or old. It can work for a nursery or a master bedroom. Here are a few tips for decorating with a flower comforter. You can really incorporate a floral comforter into the overall theme. This has a very country feel to it. You could even just go with a quilt instead of a traditional comforter.

This is perfect for the late summer months. During the winter months you could fold up the quilt at the foot of your bed and use it with a white down comforter. This allows you to change up the look of your home inexpensively and meet the needs of the seasons. It is also a very different take on a traditional rose comforter. Make it elegant.

Floral comforters don’t have to be juvenile. Instead, find a comforter with a tone on tone pattern. The roses might be part of a jacquard design. If you keep this in a soft blue or gold it will feel very French. This way you’ll be able to get an elegant hotel feeling while at the same time bringing in your favorite pattern. Go all out. This is the perfect pattern for a kid’s room or even your very own bedroom. The key is to just pick the items that you love while changing it up a little bit. You could go for a matlese look where it will just be a tone on tone sculpted rose. This can be very elegant and you can get it in a bright white. If you want to really be daring then go with a pink.

Look for craftsmanship. Floral comforters are a dime a dozen. You can even find them in different hotels. However, yours can be different by just going with quality. You might want to find hand embroidered roses that will really give a high end touch to your piece. Just by spending a little bit more money you’ll be able to get a piece that lasts and really change up how you think about floral prints.

Go with fun or funky color. This can really change up how you feel about flowers. It allows you to go with almost any color palette under the sun. For instance, in a teen’s room, you could try a hot pink and orange comforter. In a master bedroom, you could go for a more contemporary gray and white theme. This allows you to get the focus on the beautiful curvature and lines of the flower instead of it just being a cliché.

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